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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maya Kamaty

Maya Kamaty @ Sakifo Musik Festival in St Pierre (Reunion Island) / Sam.24 Mai / Scène Filaos à 19h
Maya Kamaty []

Raised  by African and Indian tones, making his ranges between the agreements of his father and the tales of her mother, the Inhabitant of Réunion Island  Maya Pounia chose to take his time to say himself and say his island.
 This young artist eventually drew her way between  maloya traditional and more personal flavors.
His studies in Cultural Mediation and Communication in Montpellier (France)  consolidate her in the desire to protect the Creole language and to value the heritage from Réunion Island.
It passes by readings of Axel Gauvin and Jean Albany, the listening of songs of Ziskakan, Alain Peters and Danyel Waro.
So many marks, among others, to move forward.

The voice of Maya Kamaty emphasizes a for a long time bullied language.
She says with the words of her heart the beatings of the Reunion  island which saw her being born.
 In the album which will soon be born, the traditional instruments (kayanb, roulèr) fertilize the field of the acoustics; texts oscillate between imagination and reflection, carried by a full of imagery and magic language; the voice takes in breeze and in ember the blues crossed by maloya, between dreams of childhood and burning sap of a country which it still remains to invent.
Stories which we listen to together to the brunette, the face clouded with anger or enlightened by tenderness, before taking the last bend of the accounts to be returned.
Maya Kamaty. Two first names which it is necessary to conjugate from now on to the tempo of the envy …
Maya Kamaty
La session acoustique du morceau "Ansanm" vient de passer les 10000 vues Merci à tous et surtout, continuez à partager au plus grand nombre !
Maya Kamaty 2014-4-19 4:39


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