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Monday, October 24, 2011

Exhibition of 2rode2 at the Wildstylerz Gallery

2rode begins graffiti in 1988, at the start of the college and a few times after the first out in the town.
His trick was the tags on the street with several friends , and large frescoes.
Living in the northern suburbs of Paris , his playing field and the groups that are has influenced him was from the 92 , 93 , and the 17, and 18 th district of paris .
Since 1991 , he works on canvas and he made ​​his first exhibition in 1993 .
This domain became his reason to live and he like the idea of make it his job.
He does not know to draw but try a drawing contests that make him pass of the electrical to the applied arts which will give him serious notion of drawing and sculpture .

In 1995, he decided to invest a hundred percent of his Occupations in art and it was this period that he stops the tag to harness the artistic form such as frescoes, paintings and the volume
The travels lead him to paint in provinces ( of france ) and abroad for orders, performances and exhibitions (india Us, West Indies , Italy, Canada ...)............

These orders to the TV lead it to have these works on television every night for several years, working with institutions and large companies (TF1 ( first and most famous french channel ) , L'Oréal, vinci, whos next, and nightclubs .

What he prefers to do is to develop the enormous walls in the street with lots of artists, each with their own style in parallel work on canvas or low relief staff and more far from the graffiti on a wall and with a bomb.
In 2011 there are more than 50 exhibitions of his life and art .

This exhibition presents some of his work in recent years between letter size and face painting , canvas with topic and he doesn't confine in one style and he works rather by set according to his inspiration and the events in the news.

"2rode2" will expose the 5th to 20th November , 2011 at the "Wildstylerz Gallery"
At 161, rue du Faubourg St Honoré
75008 Paris
Metro/subway : St Philippe du roulle


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