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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To love without ever admitting it


THERE is nothing worse than to love.
Without ever confess his love.
Sometimes in the interest of others, we have to know sacrificed us.
Even if later, by them we should be hating.
Living without love is not nothing.
But that comfort to know in his head and his heart.
That we has may be taken the right decision and doing good.
For my son, I will always choose to be a benefactor.
Even if For this I should be alone, than to have my soul mate.
But knowing that I will live in dishonor.
From the other, I will always listen to their heart .
And will try to always put before my own my feelings , their happiness.
In love, even When we makes the right choices, it wallow.
We can often be dismissed in return.
When we hide and do not share her feelings in the best interests of the other.
Sometimes weak is the barrier between the love and the friendship.
And to break it could sometimes ruined everything.
Even if it is hard to say that may be ? .
With the right person, we are no doubt over.
Without having even if only have tried.
Even if we had to to be rejected or failed.
Love is filled with contradictions and complicated.
It is really hard to live in the shadow of someone without being able to uncover .
No better subtitut TO THE love than friendship.
Be satisfied to be his friend unable to love her /(him).
Never her feelings we must confess.
When we know not to be the best person qualified.
The most able to bring her /(him) happiness AND THE love.
Never the words,on actions will have the rule.

BY : Avilon Joel Moustapha


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