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Monday, May 2, 2011

Original Cine Productions

Original Cine Productions is an independent film making company aiming to produce profitable and creative entertainment.

The company was founded by Sam Nishanian in January 2002 and has since grown to providing production and post-production services to over 40 companies Australia wide. Company’s and organisations such as Austar, Novartis, GPO Bars and Restaurants, Parramatta City Council and Stepping Stone House just to name a few. Our Agenda is threefold:

Be Commercially Profitable
Be Creative
Have Fun
Original Cine Productions in conjunction with Filigree Films is equipped to produce anything from short films, television series to feature films. And to provide production services including editing, live event coverage, teaching services as well as special effects. We offer the latest in HD Technology and Film Equipment. Our service is tailored to deliver the product from start to finish with the minimum of effort from the client.

Original Cine Productions is ready to grow with the demands of the market by providing quality content and services.


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